Modification of TM 851 for UO-36
Instructions for use of the IFD demodulator

Uplink (TX): any frequency (144-146 MHz, 430-440 MHz etc.), FSK-modulation 4800 up to 76800 kBaud,
Downlink (RX): 430-440 MHz, 38400/76800 Baud FSK (153 kBaud with wider filters (optional)).

Material required:

SYMEK IFD-B-amplifier-mixer-demodulator board option 'TM 455' for 41.415 MHz IF
wire and other hardware, connectors, heatshrink tube and other parts as needed.

We did not test this transceiver modification in our lab but here the results of F6HLG:

"Just a short note to say my IFD, after change of the quartz,
is OK on my KENWOOD TR851E.
No great problem to install it on the tranceiver,
there are not many place to put it
indoor and it's necessary
to delocate the speaker outside...
but it is running right.

Best 73 and so long. Georges Fain, F6HLG." (omit the xx to get the real address !)